Thursday, May 29, 2008

First World Problems

I was introduced to "first world problems" by the lovely Nell Constantinople. She told Julia and I that the idea behind the first world problem is that it is something you seriously complain about and find annoying that in comparison to the rest of the world (or just third world problems) is the last thing you should worry about. Here are some of my favorite examples of first world problems.

Chipped nail after a mani/pedi
Swimmers Ear
A dead orchid
Bad Haircut
Paper Cut
"not in stock"
Hat Hair
A scratched DVD
Expensive headshots (for actors/actresses/real estate agents?)
Lousy work coffee
beach traffic
Bad cell service
Waiting at a restaurant
Lame fireworks
A flat tire...on your bike
Mismatched bikini

My friends Kristin and Joe were kind enough to contribute to today's post, but please please please leave your favorite "first world problems" in the comments.

From Kristin:
I left my moisturizer in Los Angeles (she lives in DC)
The Sex and the City time slot I wanted was sold out on Fandango
My monogrammed hand towel fell in the toilet
My straw doesn't reach the bottom of my smoothie.
Wearing a bathing suit when I forget to do laundry

From Joe:
Business Travel
Business Drunk
Tennis Elbow
Dorito Finger
Computer Virus
Convertible Hair
Over Conditioning
Conflicting Invitations
Bad Highlights
Slicing(in golf)


Julia Bensfield said...

Forgetting to update your blog.

Daniel said...


-automatic shutoff, which reduces the speed of gas flow for the last ~25 cents, wasting your precious time
-when they don't have automatic shutoff and you go one or two pennies over an even amount
-when it asks you to come inside for the receipt, when the whole point of paying outside with a card is so that you wouldn't have to go inside
-the crippling price of gasoline (not funny, but it DOES suck)
-when the back window of your vehicle is too dirty for you to properly check yourself out while your gas is pumping
-when the handle doesn't have that drop down thing that allows you to walk away from the handle and pump automatically
-when the handle has one of those things, but you can only catch it on like the 2nd or 3rd rung down, so that, sure, it pumps automatically but considerably slower than if you were pulling the lever full blast
-when you find the last person's receipt but there is no interesting or potentially lucrative information on it
-when the only available pump is on the opposite side of the side of the car that has the gas intake
-new jersey's laws regarding full service gas stations and the awkward tip interactions that system produces

Animal Actor For Hire said...

when your health insurance doesn't cover your propecia costs.

Kristin said...

When Facebook is blocked on your work computer.

Ryan said...

- When dry cleaning can't get out that merlot stain
- Long lines at Starbucks when you're in a hurry
- Pledge week on KCRW
- Blackberry outages
- Annoying ringtones
- Cute boys who pop their collars