Monday, December 17, 2007

It's the Little Things That Count

Life can be loud and hectic sometimes. It's important to stop and "smell the roses" every now and then, really remind yourself that some things make perfect sense. Find the little things throughout the day that are meaningful and make you smile.
For example for lunch today I'm eating left over chili from last night, with left over brie on top of it, from our party on Friday. As I dug into this pile of leftover mush I thought to myself, this meal is really representative of me as a person. Chili is loud and messy and brie is clean and classy, and yet still sort of messy. Chili can be served up a lot of different ways but at the end of the day it's still reliable. Brie can go with anything or stand alone. Plus they are bad for you, but in a really good way. Thats me! Me in a nutshell. I should nickname myself brili.
These are the important thoughts that fill my day. Now I'm off to play with Matt's dog and take pictures of the LA skyline.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Kelly!!

Happy Birthday to one of the funniest, grossest, most awkward, most loyal, most dog friendly, most old people friendly, most creative, best wall poster, hippie clothes, freshman year, college, Louise, Lab School. Happy Birthday!

Break on Through to the Other Side

Recently a couple of people have said "Hey Cissy and Julia, whats up with your blog Benswick? How come you don't post as much anymore, how come you always make promises and never show up? How come you promised to go the cabin with us and then skipped out to sleep with your Secretary? How come Skymall is your new baby? How come you forgot this baby? How come you don't have real jobs or? How come, ksffdgdfgh, dingo dingo, tainted Turkish delight, dingo, BB salad, pack pash:-3285757?"

Well Julia pretty much spit in their faces, because she suffers from Persimmons and thinks all our readers are Cikaels. However, I decided that I would answer the issue of why posting has become hard in an interview with myself. All my questions will be statements.

Cissy: You have been posting more on Skymall. Not Benswick.
Cissy: I know, Skymall is funny. Plus its not so personal, so it's easier. Sometimes personal blogs can be tough, because you are thinking, "does this matter to anyone but me?" And the answer is usually no. Skymall, however, matters to everyone.

Cissy: Tell us what you would post if you weren't addicted to Skymall.
Cissy: Well I guess I have a couple things I could tell you about. Like how Julia and I decided to be tourists for an afternoon and went up to Hollywood Blvd. to see Enchanted, but the tickets cost $20 so we went shopping instead. I would probably tell you about how much the people dressed up as Batman, and Indiana Jones freaked me out because they REALLY think they are those people. Or, I could tell you about Julia and I going to see an an improv show called ASSSCAT at the UCB. One of the guys in the show, in front of the entire sold out crowd, told me "You look like someone who would F a Bible." Except he didn't say F, he said the whole thing. The whole F word.

Cissy: You stayed in LA for Thanksgiving, that could have been a post.
Cissy: True, that could have been a post. You are one smart cookie, Cissy. Now, if you would only learn out to spell you could take over the world! I did stay in LA for Thanksgiving. I missed seeing my family and friends because I love them very much. Staying here was great though. I went over to Allison's house. Allison and I started going to Stone Ridge together in Kindergarten. How cool is that? I got to spend Thanksgiving with a friend who I have known since we were 5! Plus Allison is a FANTASTIC cook and she has cool friends who came over as well. Turns out Thanksgiving can be awesome even if you are not at home.

Cissy: Now that you are back, you should stay back.
Cissy: Wait, stay back as in don't post, or stay back as in I am back at Benswick and I should stay back at Benswick?
Cissy: Stay Back.