Monday, August 4, 2008

Coming Soon to a Dealership Near You

2 years ago, Julia, myself, Natasha Rothwell, and Justin Purvis all took a road trip up to NY for the Del Close Marathon. The weekend was a blast, the car ride, however, was even blastier. Yes, thats a word. Says who? Says me.
Taking a break from the normal car games used to distract from a 4 hour drive we came up with a new car game, a dirty car game, called Dirty Car Names(don't even ASK where we came up with that title...). Here are the results:

Chevy Tail Blazer
Dodge 4 on 4
Nissan CliMaxima
Chevy Malibu-ty
Sex Toy-ota
Shower Cam-ry
(Ass) Wrangler
Chevy Tahoe-bag
Pink Taco-ma
Honda Cervix
Ford Pocus
Ford Musty-tang
Toyota Whore Runner